COVID-19 Scams Plaguing Iowans

The health implications of the global coronavirus pandemic are stressful enough for Iowans, and people looking to prey on those fears are making it tougher. State authorities and AARP Iowa both are warning about new scams, including some targeting seniors. According to AARP Iowa, it is hearing about phone calls from individuals claiming to be from Medicare or Social Security.
AARP Iowa State Director Brad Anderson says another involves people going door-to-door, offering free coronavirus testing — and then attempting to file false claims or offer vaccines.

He says one common goal of scammers is to obtain a senior’s Medicare number, which should never be given out except to a medical professional. The Iowa Attorney General’s Office also urges anyone who spots price gouging in stores to report it right away.

In trying to avoid scams, Anderson says staying in tune with the latest information from government and health officials will make it easier to spot something fake right away.

Tips about avoiding these scams can be found on the AARP website. And more information is available on weekly Tele-Town Halls being offered every Thursday by AARP at noon Central time, during the pandemic.

You don’t have to be a member to listen in or ask questions, at 1-855-274-9507.

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