West Hancock Schools Report Fairly Smooth Transition to Online Learning

The coronavirus has taken its toll on our in-person social world, but many school districts are reporting that the transition to online learning for now is working. Districts have had to resort to the change because of the mandate to shut down classrooms and schools in the wake of the virus.

West Hancock Community Schools Superintendent Wayne Kroneman believes that the approach was fairly smooth.

Area schools are reporting success with the online approach. Students still may want to get back into the classroom to be around their friends and get the full classroom experience. Teachers are finding in some cases they too are a little too successful in their approach to this new medium.

It is possible that administrators and teachers in some districts may look at the developed curriculum for online learning and make changes to the approach in some areas and maintain other parts of it just in case this situation happens again.

On the other end of the spectrum, legislators and state boards may have to review how time can be counted for online classroom learning. This would allow of graduations and other school events to be on time should they resume those activities.

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