Winnebago Board Acts on Drainage District 11 Issue

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors took into consideration on Tuesday the Drainage District 11 Main Tile project which engineers have already evaluated. The project is estimated by engineers to cost around $2 million and may see project work this year. The drainage system is slated for an improvement by increasing the drainage to a one inch coefficient. In other words, the system will be able to drain 1 inch of rain per day once the project is completed.

The board has decided to place the project up for bids and agreed to hold a hearing on the matter on April 21st. At that time, local contractors can bid on the project and their bids will be opened at 10 am on the date of the hearing. Generally, the lowest bidder will win the contract, but that is up to the discretion of the board.

Under the current circumstances with the coronavirus pandemic, the board may opt for an electronic gathering where bidders can listen by phone or online to hear the results of the bid.

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