Status of Gym Projects – Forest City High School and Waldorf University

The coronavirus has halted the sports world and changed life the way we know it. The COVID-19 outbreak though hasn’t stopped the progress of the Waldorf Unversity’s and Forest City High School’s gym remodel projects.

Both projects started earlier this month; both institutions are looking for summer completion ahead of the fall sports season. Click here for a recent story with Waldorf Unversity Athletic Director Chad Gassman about the project.

Tuesday Gassman told KIOW that social distancing hasn’t affected the progress of the remodel. Crews have removed the old floor and have started placing the foundation for the new floor. That will be followed by the floor, paint, and new bleachers. Superintendent Darwin Lehmann talked about the project with KIOW in January

As for the high school, Forest City Activities Director Chad Moore told KIOW Tuesday, “The project is still on and moving ahead of schedule.” The gym is bare and down to its bones at the moment. The Forest City High School gym will continue to receive a large facelift throughout the spring. Superintendent Darwin Lehmann talked about the project with KIOW in January

Lehmann – Floor

Lehmann – Design


Social distancing hasn’t affected either crew because both are small. KIOW will continue with updates as these projects progress.


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Via Ryan Flickinger @CoachFlick17 on twitter time-lapse  
Via Ryan Flickinger on Facebook time-lapse

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