Mosaic is Hiring Support Individuals

While several industries are struggling to support their employees during the COVID-19 outbreak, Mosaic is urgently hiring direct support professionals.

Direct support professionals, or DSPs, have the most important role at Mosaic. DSPs make a meaningful difference in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and other diverse needs by assisting them with various daily activities and helping them achieve their goals.

“For anyone whose job has been impacted by COVID-19, employment at Mosaic is a win-win,” said Heather Schekirke, Mosaic’s Director of Talent Acquisition. “You can step in to help people when it’s needed most while continuing to provide for your family.”

As a healthcare provider, Mosaic always uses best-practice precautionary measures to keep people protected from the flu and other viruses. In response to COVID-19, the organization has intensified its efforts with a comprehensive plan looking at how to keep people safe while still maintaining the vital services Mosaic provides. The plan considers everything from staffing to protective equipment to daily operations.

“We want candidates to know that we’re also looking out for our staff during these trying times,” Schekirke said. “We recognize the challenges our staff face beyond keeping themselves and their loved ones healthy. With school closures and business disruptions, we’ve created staffing plans to cover all essential positions.”

Interested candidates can apply online at mosaicinfo.org/immediate-openings. Mosaic is now conducting virtual interviews.


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