Williams Develops Hancock County’s Third Case of COVID-19

The Hancock County Health Department has confirmed that a third case of COVID-19 has developed. In an email sent out to all administrators, staff, parents, and students of the Garner-Hayfield-Ventura Community School District, it was revealed that the third case was Superintendent Tyler Williams.

Williams stated that he believed he contracted the virus while on a trip to Mexico. Williams informed KIOW News that he is coughing a lot and has confined himself to his home with his family. He also stated that he felt it was very important for the safety and health of the students, staff, and families of the district that everyone should be informed of the situation.

Williams also informed the limited number of people he has been in contact with. He is also working closely with the Hancock County Health Department and Hancock County Health System in the quarantining he is undergoing. Williams did not say how long he will remain isolated in his home.

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