Kossuth County is Reducing Public Contact

The Kossuth County Sheriff’s Office and local law enforcement are working alongside other county officials to reduce contact with the public over the next few weeks. The Sheriff’s Office will handle non-emergency calls over the phone or at the front window of the Sheriff’s Office. Unnecessary business will be postponed for the next 30 days or as otherwise advised. Officers will still patrol in the communities as usual and emergency calls will be handled in the safest way possible.

The Kossuth County Jail has suspended visitation and volunteer activities until further notice. All Commissary funds must be sent by U. S. Mail. Public fingerprinting has also been suspended. Attorneys will also have to call the jail for communication options.

The Kossuth County Courthouse will also become a little more isolated. Signs on the doors will have the department phone numbers posted. It is recommended that citizens call those numbers for assistance. Taxes that need to be paid should be done by putting them in the drop box, mailing them, or online. Online and mailed payments are preferred. The county is currently seeking extensions for taxes, license plates, and driver’s licenses from the Governor’s Office.

Those that have questions regarding drainage tiling should call the supervisors by cell phones. Those numbers can be found on the Kossuth County website. The Recorders Office will not be doing passports until further notice.

The Kossuth County Conservation facilities will be closed until further notice as well.

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