Forest City Issues an Emergency Declaration

Forest City followed Governor Reynolds and President Trump’s declarations of emergencies with their own on Monday night during the City Council meeting. The declaration will remain in effect through April 20th when the council will meet again to determine if it should be continued. The unanimous vote by the council means that the city will take numerous actions to ensure the safety of its employees and the citizens.

City Hall will be closed to the public beginning Tuesday morning and continuing until April 20th. The closure effects all citizens of the city and non-essential employees. Those who wish to pay a bill are encouraged to pay online or over the phone. Payments can still be dropped off in the drop box at City Hall.

All City Council meetings will be conducted electronically for any citizen wishing to view them according to City Administrator Barb Smith.

Council members can still physically attend the meetings. The purpose is to limit the number of people in attendance in accordance with federal, state, and Centers for Disease Control recommendations.

Beginning immediately, all curbside recycling ceases. Dumpsters at the City Shed will be available from 7  am to 3 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. They will also be available from 10 am to 6 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. The City Shed is located behind the former ShopKo building on Highway 9. Commercial pickup will still take place. The declaration calls for an end to trash pickup by the end of the week and for residents to bring their garbage to the City Shed during the same hours as recycling. Streets and Sanitation Director Mike O’Rourke expressed some concerns over the residents ultimately bringing in recycling and garbage.

Elderly residents and those that cannot transport their trash to the City Shed can make special arrangements to have the garbage picked up at their home.

Police, fire, and ambulatory workers will be following a specific set of guidelines relative to their job. These include restricted access to the Emergency Services Center and the Police Headquarters. Any events in these buildings have been canceled. All work spaces will be sanitized and maintained. Protective gear will also be required to be worn by emergency personnel during contact with the public during an emergency call.

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