Local Grocery Stores Offer Options on Shopping for Flu Sufferers

With concerns over influenza mounting in the area, some of the victims of the virus do have options particularly when it comes to getting groceries. The Hy-Vees in Forest City, Garner, and Mason City offer what is called Hy-Vee Aisles Online. The program allows shoppers to first load an app onto their cell phone or  go to on their computer, then shop from the app much like you would from the store aisles themselves. The order is paid for and placed through the Mason City store which then delivers the groceries to Garner or Forest City if the order is not for the Mason City store.

Customers can then drive up to the store and pick up the items in the drive thru without ever having to leave their car. The service is only available on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

In Britt at the Britt Food Center, food delivery is available according owners Darren and Jacki Eckels.

Those who would use the service can pay for the food in a couple of ways.

In Lake Mills and Northwood, David’s Super Foods also has limited delivery according to General Manager Casey Connor. His concern is if there may be an increase in that side of the business.

His stores would deliver to care centers in the area. However now with precautions in place, there has been a change in the delivery system.

In Buffalo Center at the Main Street Market, Barb Murra states that her store does free home delivery.

Her store will work with residents who may live just outside the city limits. She, like many other store managers and owners see the possibility of in-home delivery going up in the next few weeks. Most stores in the area may expand their delivery service in their area in order to accommodate demand.





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