Winnebago Health Describes the Symptoms of the Coronavirus

With concerns over the coronavirus growing, area health experts want to make sure that are residents understand the symptoms of COVID-19 and it’s impacts. There are several strains of the flu that are making their way through the area and not all are the corona virus type.

Winnebago County Health Department Director Julie Sorenson and Clinical Manager Allison Rice identified some key symptoms that people should look for first before going to get tested for the virus. Rice outlined what the symptoms would be for either flu and for COVID-19.

The low grade temperature for influenza is around 100 degrees.  According to Rice, symptoms for COVID-19 usually appear 2 to 14 days after exposure.

Those who isolate themselves, preferably in a bedroom of their home should drink plenty of fluids according to Rice.

Isolation is the one of the most important factors according to experts. Since the virus is spread through transmission of droplets from the mouth and nose, it is important to keep your distance.

If you suspect that you may have contracted either the flu or COVID-19, contact your local health professional to be tested.



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