LifeServe Blood Center Reassures Donors and Recipients

LifeServe Blood Center, the sole supplier of blood products to more than 120 hospitals in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, is urging healthy, eligible blood donors to continue donating blood to maintain an adequate blood supply in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

The safety and quality of the blood supply are not impacted by COVD-19 as there have been no transmissions of the novel virus through blood transfusion.  Claire Deroin with the LifeServe Blood Center says additional donor screening questions have been added to ensure the safety of the community blood supply.

One of the concerns raised is that someone will get the virus through a blood transfusion. Deroin says that’s not possible.

Unfortunately, as COVD-19 is detected in local communities, social distancing is occurring and mobile blood drives, among other public activities and events, are canceling. More than 70% of the local blood supply is provided by blood donors visiting mobile blood drive events.  Mobile blood drive cancellations and lack of blood donor turnout are already impacting the quantity of the local blood supply.  Additionally, blood centers across the country are experiencing the same challenges which place the country’s overall blood supply at risk.  LifeServe Blood Center is urging healthy individuals, either new or existing blood donors, to give blood now and keep the community blood supply stable.

LifeServe employees have been under order not to come to work if they don’t feel well. Further, all areas are continually cleaned and sanitized for the donors and employees protection.

Appointments can be made online at or by calling 800.287.4903.

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