Forest City and It’s Partners Make Plans on Handling Possible Corona Virus Issues

On March 4th, Forest City officials met with various entities to discuss plans and procedures pertaining to the COVID-19 virus. Some of these entities included Forest City Community Schools, Waldorf University, YMCA Mercy One Clinics, Forest Plaza Assisted Living, the Good Samaritan Center, Winnebago Industries, 3M, Mosaic, and others.

Officials discussed plans of action in the event that the virus found its way into the city. The point of the meeting was not to cause panic but to ease the minds of citizens regarding the containment of the disease.

Forest City Mayor Byron Ruiter explained that there are plans in place and that there ultimately is a chain of command to follow.

The meeting also covered what people can do to minimize the risk of contracting the flu. These included staying home, covering your cough, sneeze into your elbow, washing your hands, keep six feet of separation from others and stay away from large crowds.

The city has a contingency plan to close to the public if necessary according to Ruiter.

The city will inform the public through KIOW and if closures are necessary. City Council meetings may be conducted through Go To Meeting applications online.

Ruiter wanted to assure the public that precautions, planning, and adaptation to conditions are continuously being reviewed and implemented.





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