Self-Quarantining Do’s and Don’ts

When one is forced to self-quarantine due to the flu, there are several steps that individuals need to take starting with a plan of action. This includes a room in the house where the individual should essentially live. In other words, almost all activities should be done in the designated room, usually a bedroom.

Doctors may prescribe a surgical mask for the patient to use once they step out of the designated room. This will limit particles from coughing and sneezing from infiltrating and settling on parts of the home where the family may be living. They will prevent transmission of the illness and can be reused.

The bathroom becomes one of the focal points for possible infection. Surfaces in the bathroom should be cleaned regularly during the day and should focus on where hands touch the most. This includes door handles, the faucet, and the sink, and the toilet handle. Sinks should routinely be cleaned thoroughly. When spraying with disinfectant, allow the sprayed surfaces to dry and do not wipe them dry.

When venturing out to the kitchen, follow the same procedures health officials say. Keep an eye on where you have been and disinfect those surfaces too with sanitizer wipes.

When you are in need of food from the store, have someone else deliver it, ideally leaving it on the porch of the house. If you have to make contact, stay at least six feet away from each other wearing surgical masks.

Above all, health officials stress to follow doctor’s orders as to the length of the self-quarantine. Not all flu is the same, so seek a doctor’s advice on the best course of action.

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