IHSAA Updates Previous Statement About Tournament Access

Yesterday, the IHSAA said they would not be restriction fans or guests at the Iowa Events Center for the current Iowa State Basketball Championships.

The IHSAA today said, “The Iowa High School Athletic Association’s 2020 State Basketball Tournament will play Friday’s games with spectator restrictions due to increasing concern of the spread and impact of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”.  Today’s events will continue without spectator restrictions and tomorrow the arena will be cleared before each game is played.

Who can attend? The IHSAA says, Only team members, game officials, credentialed media members, essential tournament workers, Iowa Events Center staff, and select school spectators will be allowed inside the facility.

Who from each participating school can enter? The IHSAA says – each of Friday’s participating schools will be allowed up to 100 total entrants, free of charge.  The 100 total includes the official team traveling party. The IHSAA recommends these entrants are immediate family members of your traveling party. Participating schools will be required to submit a list of names for those attending.

They will also not do previously scheduled award ceremonies. That includes the Officials Hall of Fame presentation. Kurt Walderbach of Mason City was set to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, you can read the full story here.

The IHSAA says they will issue refunds to those that purchased tickets in advance and they will continue to update if plans change. They also stated they will continue to work with public health officials for the safety of everyone involved.

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