City of Britt: New Owner of Britt Golf Course



The City of Britt will soon own the Britt Golf Course. The Britt City Council voted Tuesday night during a packed town hall meeting to purchase the Britt Golf Course after hearing more citizens in support of it than against it.

The Britt Golf Course non-profit group asked the City of Britt to buy it due to the course’s inability to maintain itself and continue to pay its financial obligations. The Britt Golf Course Board borrowed money for the maintenance of the golf course against the real estate, and after several decades, now owe nearly $160,000 to First State Bank of Britt. Britt Golf Course Board Vice President Kolton Wagaman said if the course gets bailed out of the money owed, things are trending in the right direction for it to succeed.

According to Britt Mayor Ryan Arndorfer, the city is financially sound to take on this purchase with no new property tax increase to pay for it.  Instead the city plans to use part of the revenues from the one percent local option sales tax that took effect in 1997.

The general consensus from many of the citizens is that the city can’t afford to lose the amenity, as it brings people to town, sustains the high school golf program, and has been trending with the younger generation. Citizen Todd Romer spelled it out that losing the amenity would mean losing citizens and other valuable businesses.

Those opposed to the purchase pointed out that the course has been losing money for years.  Citizen John Buren called it a dead horse.

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