Lewis and Clark Program Scheduled

Over 200 years ago, two intrepid explorers journeyed across the North American continent to explore and discover parts of our country that no Europeans had ever seen. They didn’t know what they would find or if they’d even make it back. Of course, those two explorers were Lewis and Clark and they did make it back. But, along the way, they discovered, documented, and, in some cases, even returned hundreds of plants and animals that, until that time, were unknown to all but the Native Americans.

To talk about the importance of Lewis and Clark’s journey of discovery, Winnebago County Naturalist Lisa Ralls will be presenting “The Discoveries of Lewis and Clark” at the Forest Plaza Assisted Living Center in Forest City on Tuesday, March 10th, beginning at 2:00 PM. During the presentation, Ralls will discuss Lewis and Clark’s expedition and the many discoveries they made along the way. She will also bring along hands-on items to demonstrate some of the more common animals we see today that were first observed and documented by Lewis and Clark.

The program will be free of charge and refreshments will be served afterwards. Although the program will be at Forest Plaza, it will be open to the public. For more information, people can contact Lisa Ralls at 641-565-3390 or at lralls@winnebagoccb.com.

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