Frost Boils May Return to Secondary Roads This Weekend

The area weather forecast is calling for temperatures to get into the mid to upper 40’s which means that there will be a lot of melting of snow. There also be the creation of frost boils on secondary roads. These boils are caused by moisture conditions and ground temperature. The greater concentration of moisture in the soil can lead to freezing of the water in the soil followed by the thawing of the soil. Once it begins to thaw, a greater concentration of mud and water opens up potholes in the gravel of the road.

Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders acknowledged that the problem may begin to plague the area’s secondary roads.

The Secondary Roads Department will do what they can to repair these as they develop moving into spring. Meinders understands the situation and urges everyone to bear with the problem for now.

The Secondary Road Department will do what it can, but it is still too early to begin road repairs.



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