Hancock County Addresses Drainage Issues

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors addressed a number of drainage issues Monday beginning with the annual report from the Iowa Drainage District Association. Supervisor Jerry Tlach said one of the big takeaways from that report deals with the federal “Navigable Waters Protection Rule” and how it affects improvements to drainage districts.

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors also discussed proposed drainage bills here in Iowa. One such bill sitting in front of Iowa legislators addresses the way in which Iowa landowners are notified regarding reclassification of a drainage district. Tlach says currently the county must notify the landowners by mail and print the entire reclassification in the local newspapers, which can get quite costly.

And in that respect to drainage costs, concerned landowner Donny Schleusner questioned John Torbert of the Iowa Drainage District Association about one stipulation in the current Iowa code that specifies when an engineer needs to be involved in a project.

Currently, the Iowa code says you hire an engineer whenever a project is estimated to be over $50,000. A current bill in front of Iowa legislators proposes that amount be raised to over $139,000.

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