State Education Equity Funding on it’s Way to the Iowa Senate

Area schools are watching the Iowa Legislature and lobbying local legislators whenever possible on the possibility of higher funding in several key areas. One of these has to do with equal funding for students in counties. Forest City Community Schools Superintendent Darwin Lehmann explained.

There is one area which does concern Lehmann and many other local superintendents. The state will have a surplus of funding this year and area school districts would like to see some of that excess go back into education.

Despite the tax cuts which have been passed, the state is seeing a surplus which many educators believe should be partially used to increase funding towards public education.

Teachers, staff, and administration are aware of the current and sometimes difficult educational circumstances. Getting teachers to remain in rural areas can sometimes be difficult when salaries in more metropolitan districts are higher. Other scenarios see teacher staff being reduced because of funding. Some materials need to be updated such as textbooks, learning materials, videos, and other items used in the educational process. Lehmann fears that area schools may begin to suffer if funding doesn’t match needs.

The state legislature continues to work on exact funding levels in per-pupil figures as they work through the state budget.








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