School Transportation Funding Heavily Effects Local Schools

Rural schools have had to compete with metropolitan schools over educational funding in a unique manner. While schools are given funding by the state for operating and educating, in rural cases money has had to be diverted to pay for transportation of the students to and from school. Metropolitan schools don’t face as large of a transportation bill because of student proximity to their school.

Having been made aware of the issue through local lobbying by superintendents and teachers, local legislators took to the floors of the Iowa Senate and the House to produce an equalization funding bill that pays for transportation and leaves education dollars intact according to Representative Ted Gassman.

Some districts will benefit better from this than others. Some districts will not as much. Gassman stated that Forest City Schools may not receive as much funding as other districts.

Forest City Community Schools Superintendent Darwin Lehmann still believes that this is an important step in making sure that dollars that should go towards education actually end up there and not transporting students to and from school.

The bill that cleared the House is now in the Senate and looks to make it to the Governors desk before the end of the legislative session.





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