Bill to Halt Suspending Drivers Licenses for Unpaid Child Support Before the Legislature

Families United Action Network (FUAN) announced that Senator Amy Sinclair and Representative Mary Wolfe have introduced a FUAN recommended bill to stop the practice of suspending driver’s licenses or traveling privileges for unpaid child support. FUAN stated in a release that currently, the practice of suspending driver’s licenses inhibits the ability to work and/or find work when sanctioned, and it does not help promote payments of fines and fees.

The purpose of this proposed change is to amend the Iowa Code which currently is counterproductive in that it results in the lessened ability to find work, as well as the ability to maintain work for those already employed. In rural communities, which includes a significant portion of Iowa, decent employment is found in the more metropolitan areas of the state. Amending the Iowa Code will allow people to search for work, to maintain employment needed to pay the child support in question, and stop making payees into criminals for matters that do not reflect driving ability or public safety.

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