Severe Weather is Threatening Local Competitive Advantages

Northern Iowa is no stranger to flooding, tornadoes and other extreme weather events. A new report says these weather conditions not only threaten the area’s competitive advantage but are threatening the state’s advantages too.
President of the Business Forward Foundation Jim Doyle said companies depend on Iowa for its access to key waterways, model climate for corn and soybeans, and fast-moving global supply chain. He said severe weather is impacting the viability of farmers, manufacturers and other businesses in the state.

He noted both of Iowa’s Fortune 500 companies have issued warnings to investors about severe-weather risks. Doyle said companies in Iowa are examining ways to better mitigate the effects of climate change.

Doyle contended state and national political leaders should end the climate-change debate, and focus on the challenges businesses are confronting.

According to the research, since 2014, Iowa has experienced 16 climate- or weather-related disasters that each topped $1 billion in damages.

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