Forest City Taxes are Going Down

The Forest City Council will be presented with the city budget shortly and the news is good for city residents. Taxes will be going down according to Forest City Administrator Barb Smith.

The decrease applies only to the city portion not to the county or the state tax rate. The city portion will be felt by city property taxpayers in overall savings on their bill.

Smith also mentioned that there will be changes to other bills from the city. These increases are necessary to meet with expenses for the services.

For an average household, this will mean a $38.50 per year in utility rate increases or $3.21 per month. Meanwhile, water, sewer, and garbage rates will remain the same under the budget yet to be approved by the City Council and the Mayor. The public hearing on the budget will take place on March 16th at 7 pm where Forest City residents can voice their opinions and concerns on the budget.



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