Garner City Council to Hold Hearing on Maximum Property Tax Levy

The Garner City Council will meet on Tuesday evening at 7 pm in the Garner City Hall to review monthly bills and claims along with a number of other issues. The council will hold a public forum to hear from residents and city employees on issues they feel should be addressed. Speakers will be allowed two minutes to air concerns, but no action can be taken on the subjects addressed. They may be placed on future agendas for discussion and action.

The council will then hear about the Fiscal Year 2021 maximum property tax levy. They will open a public hearing on the matter in order to hear from concerned Garner citizens on the matter before closing the hearing and voting on the resolution.

The council is considering amending Chapter 55 of the city’s Animal Control Ordinance. A request has been made to make changes to the chapter. The council may vote to change or maintain the current chapter in the Garner City Code of Ordinances.

Subdivision planning and engineering continue in Garner as the council continues to try and address the housing needs of the area. Consideration and review of the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendations to the Hejlik’s Third Subdivision. The council is being asked to update the covenant associated with the project.

The council will also be asked to approve a memorandum of agreement with NIACOG to administer the Community Development Block Grant housing exterior rehab program.

A discussion will also be held on future mosquito control by formulating the bidding process for the upcoming season.


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