Vote 2020: The Iowa Caucus in Winnebago County

The Iowa Caucus is tonight, and once again the area and the state are thrown into the spotlight for a night. Republicans and Democrats along with the undecided will make decisions that may have a future impact on the candidate choices for President in November.

KIOW will have full coverage of the caucus events as we are coordinating with Radio Iowa and CBS News to bring you the latest results and information.

The Democratic field is crowded and may get weeded out tonight. The Democrats in Winnebago County will open their doors at 6:30 pm, and the caucuses will begin at 7 pm. Anyone registered or in line at 7 pm will be able to participate. Those who are not in line by 7 pm will not be admitted. The caucus locations are organized by precinct. FC 1 will meet in the Salveson Ballroom of Waldorf University. Those in FC 2 will meet in the Atrium at the University. FC 3 will caucus in the Waldorf University Library 201 while FC 4 will caucus in Room 116 Science at the University.

The Eden-Logan-Norway Township will caucus in the Lake Mills School Cafeteria. The Mount Valley Township will meet in the Breen Conference Room of Waldorf University. The Grant-Buffalo-Lincoln Township will meet in the North Iowa High School Cafeteria. The King-Linden Township will meet in the Thompson Library. The Newton-Forest Township will caucus in the Leland Community Center.

Caucus goers will select a group representing a candidate, but if they do not have the required 15% of the vote in the room, they must align with another candidate until the 15% is reached. The attendees will also elect delegates to the county caucus and form possible platforms to be forwarded to the county, region, and ultimately state Democratic conventions.

The Republicans will take a different approach according to Winnebago County Republican Caucus Chairman Charles Tweeten.

Like the Democrats, there is more to the caucus then just selecting candidates.

The majority of Winnebago County Republican caucusing will be done at Forest City High School. Forest City Ward 1, 2, 3, and 4 along with Mt. Valley Forest 2 and the Newton Forest 1 will be done at the school. the Center and Eden-Logan-Norway Townships will caucus at Lake Mills High School. The Buffalo-Grant-Lincoln and the King-Linden Townships will caucus at the Heritage Town Center in Buffalo Center. Check-in begins at 5:45 pm and the caucus will begin promptly at 7 pm.

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