Contaminants Could Trash Rural Recycling

Hancock County’s rural recycling program is again under attack, as the sites are being invaded with tons of non-recyclable materials. The recycling bin in Miller seems to be the biggest issue, with Crystal Lake coming in second. After visiting the Miller site, Hancock County Supervisor Gary Rayhons says it looked like a hazmat drop off area full of contaminants, instead of recyclables.

Hancock County currently budgets $65,000 a year for the rural recycling program, which consists of 4 drop off sites – Miller, Crystal Lake, Kanawha and Klemme. Miller and Klemme bins are emptied once a week, while Crystal Lake and Kanawha bins are bi-monthly.

During the weekly meeting on Monday, Hancock County Supervisors Sis Greiman, Gary Rayhons and Jerry Tlach all conveyed the message that garbage and contaminants do not mix with recycling. If dumping garbage at the sites does not cease, the county will dispose of the program.

 According to Waste Management, recycling items consist of clean metal cans, aluminum foil, paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic. Large cardboard boxes should be folded before placing into recycling bins, and all bottles should be emptied. For a complete list of what is and what is not considered acceptable materials, visit

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