Area Caucuses May Have Different Looks

Area caucus-goers tonight may see differing amounts of attendance and platform discussions as the Iowa Caucus gets underway locally around 7 pm. The Democratic side is expected to be much more active due to the sheer number of candidates running for President. The Republican side has two primaries of interest and platform formulation that will be topics of discussion.

Sam Clovis is an area political consultant and he sees the Democrats having to undertake very serious discussions on candidates and the issues.

He also believes that at the end of the night, there will be some interesting dynamics when the final results come in.

As for the Republicans, attendance may not be as strong, but there are still issues to resolve.

Still, Republicans will have to conduct straw polls on two important area races for the House of Representatives. Clovis thinks that these two races could become interesting.

Clovis encourages all area Iowans to take part in their caucus night by going to their local polling site.



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