SUNDAY TALK: King Speaks Out Against House Democrats’ Effort to Tie Commander-in-Chief Trump’s Hands on Iran

 Congressman Steve King releases the following video of remarks he delivered this morning which express his opposition to two amendments introduced by House Democrats that seek to prevent the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, from exercising his authority as Commander-in-Chief to protect Americans and American interests from threats posed by the rogue state of Iran. The Democratic proposals are being debated on the floor of the House of Representatives today.


Transcript of Congressman King’s Remarks:


“I’m Congressman Steve King, representing Iowa’s 4th Congressional District.

I’m talking about what’s going on in the floor of the House of Representatives right now, a debate that’s been brought to us courtesy of the Pelosi Congress and the pacifists, particularly from California, who want to shut down any military operations that might be used to defend and protect America, or America’s interests, if we happen to be defending ourselves against future attacks from Iran.

They are comprised of two amendments to HR 550, which is simply a vehicle bill. One of them is Khanna’s from California, and that one nullifies the two Authorizations for Use of Military Force (AUMFs) 2001 and 2002. And it shuts off all the funding that might be used in operations against Iran unless there is a declaration of war.

Now, we haven’t declared war since World War 2, and this Congress wouldn’t declare war to defend America as long as it’s being run by the majority that exists today. So, I’m absolutely against this amendment. It undermines our troops and puts them in danger and says, ‘you can’t defend yourselves.’ The Iranians could attack us, and Congress would have to reconvene and then move a motion, a declaration of war against Iran before we could shoot back against the people that have been killing Americans for years.

We have about the same situation going on with Barbara Lee. Her amendment is one that nullifies, or revokes, both Authorizations for Use of Military Force, and so, in doing, would pull down our operations.

So I would explain to people, what they are attempting to do on the floor of the House today is the equivalent of what happened to Vietnam when Congress shut off all funding to implement and support military operations on the land of North and South Vietnam, on the seas adjacent to it, the skies above it, or the countries adjacent to Vietnam. And when that happened, the South Vietnamese military cut and ran. They did because they didn’t have ammunition anymore, they didn’t have supplies anymore. We pulled the rug out from underneath them and Communism swept all the way through Vietnam.

This is one that handcuffs the President and ties up our Commander-in-Chief. We’ve seen him make wise moves and careful moves and moves that keep America back out of involvement in foreign wars, keeping his word. But this would tie the President’s hands, and this would put Americans in danger.

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