Hancock County Board to Review Confinements and Drainage

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday beginning at 9 am in the Supervisors Room of the Hancock County Courthouse. The first discussion of the meeting will center around the possible construction of a deep pit swine finisher confinement building just southwest of Garner. the facility is located in section 8 of the Liberty Township and is owned by Evan Beshey. His project is the subject of a public hearing where the area residents will have the chance to give their opinions on the possible facility. The hearing will begin at 9:15 am.

The board will then look into a number of drainage projects including appointing an engineer for an Easement through a Drainage District Right of Way in Drainage District 13. The board may appoint an engineer for the project. That will be followed by a reclassification for Drainage District 114. The board will hear the commissioner’s report on the reclassification. Another project concerns Drainage District 151 and 159 where cleanouts and repairs are necessary. The board may set a date and time for a formal hearing on the project after reading the engineer’s report.

The board will also discuss recycling in rural areas. The concerns have to do with recycling sites.


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