Form and Content Showing Continues at Waldorf University

The Waldorf University Gallery will host artist Dean Swenson’s Form and Content work for public viewing now through February 14th. The Waldorf University Gallery is located at 106 S. Sixth St. An artist reception will be held on Feb. 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the same location. The gallery and artist talk is free to the public.

Dean Swenson is a long-time faculty member within the Waldorf University art department. Form and content have been a primary aspect within his lessons at the university, and he felt this was a perfect opportunity to bring these concepts to light for those within the public who would be viewing his work.

The artwork entitled “Eye Spy”

His works are colorful and intriguing giving the viewer into the world of the abstract with or sometimes without depicting a subject or object.

The paintings on display will contain both watercolor and acrylic media, with pencil drawing and collage added.

The artwork entitled “Cyclops”

Students at Waldorf continually benefit from his insight into their work. He works with each student individually to help them get to their greatest potential. A student has the freedom to express in their work their interpretation of a subject or non-subject piece. Swenson encourages them on how to best succeed in their artwork.

Swenson teaches all levels of artists who attend Waldorf University. He works with the novice and the experienced and in each, he helps to guide them through the process toward success.

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