Hancock County Addresses Drainage Issues

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors addressed a number of drainage issues Monday beginning with Don Hejlik asking the county to share in the costs to repair a tile crossing at the intersection of 220th and Nash Avenue, just south of Duncan.  Supervisor Jerry Tlach said the county would cover the road right of way but not the private tile.

The board also discussed with Garner City Administrator Adam Kofoed the city’s tree and cement removal plan at the city dump in Drainage District 5, as the trees and cement are disrupting county drainage in that easement. Kofoed explained that the city intends to remove the trees and cement along that ditch.

In other drainage business, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors recently declined payment to ISG after the engineering firm waited for nearly a year to produce a site unseen analysis of a tile problem in Drainage District 7, Branch 60, Lateral 137, subsequently after the problem had already been fixed a year prior by landowners Alan and Jeanette Upmeyer.  The Upmeyers are asking the drainage district to pay its fair share of the project.

According to the board, the Upmeyer’s will be compensated for what they initially paid Holland Contracting to do the work; however, they will be assessed in September eighty percent of the total project and initial engineering fees, which was approximately $6,900.

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