E-Sports Seeing Success at Belmond-Klemme Community Schools

The traditional high school sports of football, basketball, wrestling, track, volleyball, baseball, and softball may not be for everyone. Some sit on the sidelines wishing they were one of those on the field. Others try to be an athlete but never make the cut.

Now another sport is coming along and gaining rapid popularity. E-Sports have found their way not only in the college ranks but now in the high school sports arena too. Belmond-Klemme Community Schools have just begun their programs and are seeing great success both on and off the field. Belmond-Klemme Community Schools Superintendent Dan Frazier has been a big advocate of having a program in the district.

As the program develops, it incorporates students who may not have an opportunity to learn teamwork which is essential in modern business and industry. It also reintegrates social skills for students who may otherwise feel like isolating themselves.

Most recently, Waldorf University joined the ranks of collegiate E-Sports competitors. Frazier said that they were not alone in the emphasis on e-sports.

As a result of these efforts, Belmond-Klemme Community Schools became one of the founding members of the Iowa High School E-Sports Association which have grown to 18 teams across the state. The school will compete in the League of Legends competitions beginning in mid-February.


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