Hancock County Board to Review Multiple Drainage Issues

The Hanock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday with a number of drainage issues to be addressed. At 9:15 am, Don Hejlik wants the board to look into repairing a tile crossing at the intersection 220th and Nash Avenue. The tile is private but Hejlik wants to see if the county would share in the cost of repairs.

At 9:30 am, the board will formally approve the lowest bid for work in Drainage District 3 and 4. Two laterals are in need of clean out and repair. They are Laterals 9 and 10. Drainage Clerk Ann Hinders has already opened the bids on Thursday and found the lowest bid. The board may approve the low bid or call for further bidding.

Drainage District 5 begins south of Garner and works its way east and north of the city. According to Hinders, the county already cleaned out the ditch but left the trees along the route and inside city limits. The trees may have to be removed but it will be up to the city council to make that decision. The city will officially inform the board of their decision on Monday during the meeting.

The board will hear from Farm Tile Pro Inc. on drainage work they have already done to Drainage District 3 and 4. However, the work was done prior to any notice filed with the Hancock County Drainage Office. Hinders will approach the board about the bill from Farm Tile Pro Inc. and ask what the board wants to do about payment.

Alan and Janette Upmeyer repaired tiling that runs alongside their property in December of 2018. Some of the tilings in Drainage District 7, Branch 60, Lateral 137 are private while another part is the county tile. ISG Engineering recently submitted a bill for engineering work on the site that took nearly a year to file with the county. During that time the tile was repaired by the Upmeyers. Now they want to submit a bill from Holland Contracting for the county tile repair work done.

The board will also look at a procedural effort by Hinders on applications for easements through Drainage District Right of Ways along with another procedure on conditions for Construction in Drainage District Right of Ways. This is so if a utility company or construction firm puts in a new tile, the board will have policies in place to regulate both the application and construction process.

The board will meet on Monday in the Supervisors Room of the Hancock County Courthouse beginning at 9 am.




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