Forest City-Winnebago County Ambulance Service Asks for Additional Funding

The Forest City-Winnebago County Ambulance Service is asking Winnebago Couty for an increase in funding for the next fiscal year. The service is based in Forest City but serves Winnebago County and parts of Hancock County where Forest City and it’s rural area are concerned. Dale Rayhons is in charge of the service and spoke before the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors on the need to increase the budget.

Rayhons believes that the county needs to contribute more to offset Forest City’s contribution.

While the service does go into Hancock County, they are not funded by the county because of the County hospital levy that funds the Garner and West Hancock Ambulance Services according to Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach.

The service handles various emergency issues and transports those who are in the care centers in the county according to Rayhons.

The board decided to increase the funding by $5,000 for a funding total of $75,000.





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