Forest City Teacher Wins STEM Award

The Forest City Community School District was honored on Thursday afternoon as one of its own won the prestigious I. O. W. A. STEM Teacher Award. Melissa Taft who is a first-grade teacher with the district was presented with the award and $3,000 from the STEM Council. Taft was very honored by the award but felt she was not the only deserving one to do so.

The importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is prevalent in the Forest City School District, even at a first-grade level and Taft looks for the program to grow in the district.

from left: Ken Rodberg, Melissa Taft, Kelly Burgdon, and Crystal Pearcy

Taft knows the importance of the program, particularly in the technology age we are in and thanked the council for the honor. For the district, it demonstrates great progress in these areas.

Some may ask why STEM programs are being administered at the first-grade level. Ken Rodberg with the STEM Council explained the need to start early.

Kelly Burgdon with the council sees a bright future for the children in school going through the STEM programs.


Ken Rodberg, Melissa Taft, Kelly Burgdon, and Crystal Pearcy pose with the STEM Award .

Currently, funding for the program is crucial, which is where business and technolo0gy play an intricate role according to Crystal Pearcy

Taft was one of six teachers in the state to be honored with the STEM Teacher Award.




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