Top of Iowa Conference Basketball Standing

Through the first half of the conference season who is on top and who is not? Please note that Eagle Grove and Garner-Hayfield-Ventura have not played their first meeting yet. This list will also include where the TIC media picked each team to finish.

TIC West – Boys

Bishop-Garrigan 8-0 picked 3rd with two first-place votes 

Lake Mills 7-1 picked 2nd with four first-place votes

Forest City 5-3 picked 1st with three first-place votes

West Hancock 5-3 picked 5th 

Garner-Hayfield-Ventura 4-3 picked 4th with one first-place vote

Eagle Grove 2-5 picked 9th

North Iowa 2-6 picked 6th 

North Union 1-7 picked 7th 

Belmond-Klemme 1-7 picked 8th 

TIC West -Girls

West Hancock 8-0 picked 1st with all 10 first-place votes 

Bishop-Garrigan 7-1 picked 2nd 

Forest City 6-2 picked 4th 

North Union 5-3 picked 3rd

Garner-Hayfield-Ventura 3-4 picked 5th 

Lake Mills 3-5 picked 6th 

Belmond-Klemme 2-6 picked 7th 

Eagle Grove 1-6 picked 8th 

North Iowa 0-8 picked 7th 

TIC East – Girls

St. Ansgar 8-0 picked 2nd with 1 first-place vote 

Osage 7-1 picked 1st with 5 first-place votes 

Newman 6-2 picked 3rd

West Fork 4-4 picked 4th 

Central Springs 4-4 picked 6th

North Butler 4-4 picked 7th 

Rockford 2-6 picked 5th 

Nashua-Plainfield 1-7 picked 9th 

Northwood-Kensett 0-8 picked 8th 

TIC East – Boys

West Fork 8-0 picked 1st with 4 first-place votes 

Osage 7-1 picked 2nd with 2 first-place votes 

Newman 5-3 picked 3rd 

St. Ansgar 5-3 picked 4th 

Rockford 4-4 picked 5th 

Nashua-Plainfield 4-4 picked 8th 

Central Springs 2-6 picked 6th 

North Butler 1-7 picked 7th 

Northwood-Kensett 0-8 picked 9th 

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