Hancock County Denies Payment to Drainage Engineer

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors, in representing Drainage District 7 Branch 60, Lateral 137, has declined payment for $1,260 to ISG for an engineering report presented nearly a year after requested, and subsequent to the tile project already completed.

A petition to investigate blockage of a tile system was filed with the Hancock County Auditor’s office on September 25, 2018. The Hancock County Board of Supervisors then asked ISG’s Senior Civil Engineer Ivan Droessler to conduct a field study of the tile system. According to Droessler, he began his investigation towards the end of October of 2018 thru February of 2019.

Droessler presented his findings to the board in September of 2019, basically a year after he was asked to do the study. The board mailed the findings to the landowners, and received a response back that the blockage had already been repaired in December of 2018 by a private landowner.  Thus the engineering report was useless to the board as it was presented nearly 9 months after the tile blockage had been rectified.

The drainage district’s landowners had already paid over $1,800 to ISG for the initial investigation. Droessler admits ISG did not probe the tile nor go back to the site after the initial inspection in October of 2018. ISG is requesting $1,260 more for the letter report and plat maps that were mailed out to each landowner explaining the work still presumed needed to be done.

According to Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach, this could have been avoided if ISG would have presented the report in a timely manner or at least did a follow up at the location after nearly a year had transpired.

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