Hancock County in Discord Over Engineering Costs

Engineering fees were again the hot topic of discussion Monday at the Hancock County Board of Supervisors meeting. The board met with Ivan Droessler, Senior Civil Engineer with ISG regarding the costs associated with the main open ditch project in Drainage District 114 south of Crystal Lake. The board addressed the actual construction costs of nearly $97,000 and the engineering fees at approximately $90,000.  The figures are approximate due to right of way and annexation work that still needs to be completed, according to Droessler.

Hancock County Supervisor Gary Rayhons studied the numbers, and on behalf of the landowners in Drainage District 114, questioned the amount they would have to pay for engineering costs.

According to Droessler’s preliminary engineering report, he estimated both construction and non-construction costs to be around $174,000, and now claims the costs are coming in close to $10,000 under. Rayhons politely disagreed with Droessler’s assessment of fees.

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