Iowa Shows Increase in Population Estimates

Newly released census estimates show Iowa’s population is holding steady but isn’t exactly surging. However, a demographer says it’s much better than some other Midwestern states.
The U. S. Census Bureau said from July 2018 to July 2019, Iowa gained more than 6,000 residents. Brookings Institution demographer William Frey said what’s happening in the Hawkeye State is similar to some neighboring states in the upper Midwest.


Minnesota led the three states with a population gain of more than 33,000, while Wisconsin added more than 15,000 residents. As for other Midwestern states, Michigan barely saw any growth while Illinois lost residents for t sixth year in a row.
The recent estimate from the Census Bureau leads up to the next official count, which will begin to unfold in the coming months.
Frey said while Iowa and its neighbors are seeing a lot of residents move out of their respective states to other parts of the country, they’re offsetting those losses through international migration and having more births than deaths.


The upcoming official census count plays a role in determining whether states will gain or lose congressional seats. While there hasn’t been much chatter that Iowa will lose a seat, Frey said it’s still too early in the process to speculate. He said making sure all Iowans participate will be helpful in ensuring that doesn’t happen.

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