Area Counties Take Steps to Make Upcoming Caucus Locations are Handicap Accessible

In less than two months, Iowans will get their say in the presidential nominating process. As the caucuses draw closer, two groups are working to make sure residents with disabilities have a voice.
Voter turnout rates indicate that Iowans with disabilities are under-represented by as much as 8% when compared to other voters.

Rik Shannon, public policy manager for the Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council, says it’s critical that this isn’t an issue on Feb. 3.

Shannon says a comprehensive guide also has been issued as part of the outreach effort. More than 300,000 Iowa residents live with disabilities, and Shannon says getting more of them to participate in the election process will give them stronger input in policy matters. He adds the council hopes voters with disabilities don’t run into accessibility issues as they did in 2016.

Winnebago, Hancock, Kossuth, and Worth Counties have taken steps to make sure that all caucus locations are handicap accessible.

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