Winnebago Board Approves Raises and Reconstruction Financing

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors has formally approved the pay increases recommended by the Winnebago County Compensation Committee. The committee meets annually to review the work done by the elected officials within the county government and recommend raises or stays in pay. The committee took an entire morning discussing what amounts would be commensurate with similar-sized counties within the state.

It was the determination of the committee that the County Attorney should receive a 7% raise which puts her at a similar level to other counties of like size. For the Sheriff, the committee felt that a 6% increase was equitable to other sheriffs under the same conditions. For the Recorder and the Treasurer, a 4% increase was recommended based on workload and again the pay average among other counties. The Auditor also got a 4% recommendation, however, the committee realized that her position also entailed being the Commissioner of  Elections for the county. The current pay scale did not compensate for the mandated hours required by the state to officiate and operate the two annual elections that are held. As such, the committee recommended a $500 stipend as compensation for what amounted to six extra days of work to run the elections.

The Board of Supervisors agreed to the recommendations of the committee, including a 4% increase to each supervisor, and the pay increases will take effect shortly.

The Board also approved utilizing Tax Increment Financing to pay for tuckpointing and brick replacement on the Winnebago County Courthouse. The tax money is received from wind farms in the state. The board is asking the public for their opinion on the usage of those tax dollars. The board will hold a public hearing on January 28th at 10 am to decide if paying $428,000 on the north and west faces of the building from wind farm property taxes are alright with the public.

Access to the east side of the courthouse has been blocked because of the replacement of brick and interior wall work being done. No set time table has been announced when that work will be completed or at what cost. The board is expected to finance the east side work through the same tax increment financing dollars generated by wind farms in the county.

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