E-Learning Seeing Success in Forest City Schools

Forest City Community Schools are experimenting with a new idea in learning and are using the concept during snow days. The program is called E-Learning and it utilizes electronic technology to access educational materials outside of the classroom. According to Forest City Community Schools Superintendent Darwin Lehmann, the program is seeing great success.

Those surveys provide information for the district to understand how a program, an objective, or curriculum is fairing with students, parents, and teachers. In one case, a family praised E-Learning.

Teachers assign certain lessons during an E-Learning Day otherwise known as a snow day. Some of these activities require physical activity while others are textbook learning materials.

Currently, five states require online learning credits for graduation. Michigan was the first followed by Florida, Virginia, Arkansas, and Alabama. Iowa has not yet moved towards that requirement, but given the trend across the United States, that may change. High schools and school boards across the country are beginning to see the value in preparing students for collegiate online opportunities. Forest City Community Schools were among the first in the area to experiment with the concept.

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