King Reacts to Articles of Impeachment and USMCA Passage

 Congressman Steve King released the following video of his reaction to two major developments that occurred in Washington D.C. Tuesday morning. In this video, Congressman King offers his reaction to the House Democrats’ unveiling of two Articles of Impeachment directed at President Trump. King also discusses the news that a deal appears to have been struck that would allow the House of Representatives to finally move forward on the President’s signature United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade deal.

On the Democrats’ “Long Saga of Three Years and One Month” Looking for an Excuse to Impeach:

“Wow, what a stunning hour or a little bit better took place here in the United States Congress today, just a little bit earlier, this morning.

The long saga of three years and one month of trying to come up with an excuse to impeach Donald Trump has finally come to pass. The excuses are this: ‘Abuse of Power’ and ‘Obstruction of Congress.’

The ‘Obstruction of Congress’ charge is this: that Donald Trump didn’t make it easy enough for Democrats to come up with a reason to impeach him. They’ve been determined to do that for three years and a month. Then they’ll define what that ‘obstruction’ actually is.

The second thing is ‘Abuse of Power.’ If this charge of ‘Abuse of Power’ is impeachable, that means that you can impeach any President at any time as soon as you disagree with what he’s done with his foreign policy.

That’s the scenario that is here. There are 4 reasons to impeach a President: Treason- they fell flat there, no treason on Donald Trump’s part; Bribery- they talked about it. They can’t make that stick either, so that fell in a flop; High Crimes- no High Crimes either. This is down to a misdemeanor, and their minutiae definitions of misdemeanor because they have politically decided to impeach this President. And if they do so, they will set a standard, a low standard for impeachment, that will cause it to happen over and over again going forward.”


On the News of a Deal to Move Forward with the USMCA:

“The second thing is, they didn’t want to face the criticism of the American people. And, so, they decided that after this long saga from July 9th, when the President offered the USMCA treaty, all this way up until this date in December, they’ve been sitting there as a ‘Do-Nothing Congress’ except for co-opting Congress to impeach the President. That’s an Abuse of Power!

They decided ‘O.K., we’re gonna put impeachment and USMCA in the same hour’ because they can’t face the criticism of the American people on what they [House Democrats] have done and what they [House Democrats] are about to do.

I’m glad we’ve got USMCA moving. The President’s doing his job. His economic numbers are great. Our national security is strong.

But what they’ve [House Democrats] done to this Constitution, and then to try to cover it over with the frosting of USMCA on top of it, it is appalling. It’s an insult, at least to the people of the Heart of the Heartland who always know better.”

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