Winnebago Board to Discuss Financing on Remaining Tuckpointing Project

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9 am to discuss several issues before the county. Among them is the fees to be charged by the Medical Examiner for the County. The board may look to maintain the fee schedule or increase it accordingly.

The board is currently working against the calendar year to generate funds to pay for the tuckpointing project in progress on the courthouse. Currently, the north side of the building is undergoing tuckpointing and brick replacement, however, the east entrance, in particular, the arches above the door, needs to be redone. The board is looking to replace the faces carved on the arches and is looking at options. They will also have to replace the brick that forms the arches. In order for the arch repair work to be paid for, the board will have to bond in the new calendar year. What is most concerning is paying for the tuckpointing on the north side. That bonding process must be done in 2019 because the county cannot bond for both the tuckpointing and the arch repair work without going to a public vote due to costs.

In order to move the bonding process forward, the board will contract with Jeff Heil of Northland Securities who will draw up the paperwork for the bonding to be done before the end of the calendar year. The board has not made any movement on the bonding for the repair of the arches on the east side.

County Social Services, the 22 county psychological services region of which Winnebago County is a member, is asking the county to approve a change in employment status of certain county employees. Currently, Winnebago County houses the offices for both Hancock and Winnebago County in the courthouse. CSS is asking the board to effectively change the employees in those offices from county employees to CSS employees. They would also take ownership of county tax dollar purchased equipment such as computers. Supervisor Bill Jensvold explained.

The board has been reluctant to change because they are currently applying for membership in a different mental health region called Northwest Care Connections. However, the board will consider the request in the meeting today. The board may table the request for a future date.

The board will also cancel its meeting for December 23rd. The meeting was originally scheduled for December 24th but was moved because of the Christmas Eve holiday to December 23rd. The meeting today will take place in the Supervisors Office of the Winnebago County Courthouse in Forest City.

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