Weather Is About to Change in the Area

The area has been experiencing relatively mild weather for early December, but forecasters say that it is going to change. An Arctic air mass will make it’s way southward plunging into the area beginning this week. The system may bring a brief period of rain, but as the colder temperatures filter into the area, the rain will change over to snow. There may be minor accumulation, but the major concern is the change in temperatures. Highs may range in the single digits and below zero temperatures for the overnight hours.

Temperatures will rebound somewhat on Thursday into the upper teens and remain below freezing for the remainder of the week.

Forecasters are calling for a 45% chance that temperatures will be above normal for December. The normal maximum high is 28 degrees. The normal low temperature is 12 degrees. Precipitation chances are also higher than normal. The normal precipitation is 1.11 inches, however, forecasters say there is a 45% chance that the area will get more than that and a 33% chance it will be near normal.

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