Winnebago Road Department Calls for Cooperation

During snowstorms and their immediate aftermath, some area landowners have been moving snow off of driveways and property entrances and onto secondary and primary roads. The biggest problem is what this does to the efficiency of road clearing by the Winnebago County Road Department. The added snow moved out into the roadways slows down the removal process and adds to the already large workload of the department.

Scott Meinders, Winnebago County Road Engineer is asking for the publics’ help when it comes time to clear the roads again.

Winnebago County has 150 paved miles divided up between seven operators driving snowplows and belly scrapers. The county also has 600 miles of gravel roads cleaned by up to 10 operators driving motor graders or snow plows. In total, the road department continually clears over 750 miles of roads within the county.

The road department is asking landowners to keep snow from private property on private property, avoid creating tall piles, move snow from around mailboxes, and avoid pushing snow onto or across the road.


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