Winnebago Board Considers Options on Employer of Record Request

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors has tabled a request by County Social Services to approve a change in management status for the psychological services region. The 22 county region wants to create a 28E Agreement management status much as one would find with other groups such as Winnebago-Worth Betterment Corporation. The region would be autonomous employing its own people and getting funding from county property tax levies.

Winnebago County is currently applying to become a member of the Northwest Care Connections, a smaller region consisting of less than ten counties and serves the immediate area. They are being joined in this effort by Worth and Kossuth Counties. Northwest Care Connections is controlled by the member counties and is not a separate entity.

Winnebago Supervisor Bill Jensvold outlined that there will be a significant cost for County Social Services to make the transition into being the “Employer of Record.”

For Winnebago County, employees who work in County Social Services offices in the courthouse will now become employees of County Social Services. Equipment such as computers will also become the property of County Social Services. The county provided funding for the purchase of the equipment for use by CSS.

CSS is also requiring that Winnebago County provide office space for free in the courthouse after the transition is complete. Supervisor Mike Stensrud questioned why that should be the case.

Currently, Winnebago County provides those offices at the expense of the taxpayers. The offices provide a resource point for area patients to get services and resources for treatment.

The Hancock County Supervisors passed the resolution earlier last month. The reason is that the county does not have employees who work for CSS. The county also does not have any equipment that belongs to the group nor any office space in the courthouse, so the passage was merely a formality. The Winnebago County Supervisors will consider the Employer of Record resolution on Tuesday when they meet again at 9 am.



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