Hancock County Approves New Weather Closing Policy

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors Monday approved a new policy in regards to closing the courthouse during weather emergencies.  Discussion began on this issue earlier this year after an extreme blizzard in February. Many area courthouses closed during the blizzard, while Hancock County’s remained open.  According to Supervisor Jerry Tlach, the former policy stated that the courthouse always be open, even during inclement weather.

In the new policy, the chairperson of Hancock County Board of Supervisors shall determine if a weather emergency exists, or is imminent to occur, requiring the Hancock County Courthouse and other County offices to close. Chairperson Tlach explains how this new policy will affect county employees.

Essential county functions do not close for weather emergencies. The emergency services departments such as secondary road crew, 911 dispatch operators, emergency management, sheriff’s deputies and maintenance staff will still be operating when the courthouse is closed during bad weather.

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