Vaping Issues are Being Addressed in Local Schools

The American Medical Association, the largest group of physicians and doctors in the United States, is calling for a ban on cigarette and vaping devices due to a rising number of youth that are now using the products. They say that this is leading to a large jump in respiratory illnesses. Dr. Albert Rizzo of the AMA recently told CBS News that the Food and Drug Administration is letting people down.

Locally, several school districts are becoming proactive in educating and attempting to prevent vaping. Superintendent Joe Erickson with the North Iowa Community School District is taking steps that not only attempt to prevent vaping but also drug use on campus.

School districts like West Hancock Community School District have policies against vaping and smoking on school grounds. They go further by using groups that help advocate against vaping. ASAP is one of those groups whose programs help to educate students on the dangers of vaping. Sandy Rayhons is a member of ASAP.

Garner Hayfield Ventura Community Schools are also taking a proactive approach according to Rayhons. Not only has information on the issue been posted throughout the school, but other steps have been taken to keep parents more informed.

Officials with the districts are pushing for elementary school and middle school student awareness and to the hazards that come from vaping.

Those parents or guardians who want to learn more about what their district is doing in the prevention of vaping should call the school nurse or front office of their school.





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