Belmond Schools Have Tentative Building Improvement Plans

Much work remains to finalize a comprehensive plan for the Belmond Klemme Community Schools secondary building, and much input will be needed from staff to make sure the plan meets district needs. But the school board took a first look at a possible plan for building improvements during its November 19 meeting.

Currently, the plan has five phases. Phase I included the hallway improvements during the summer of 2019. The next four phases are described briefly below:

  • Phase IIA (summer 2020): completion of the tiling of the walls through the cafeteria, adult restrooms and locker rooms, and a greenhouse for vocational agriculture.
  • Phase IIB (fall/winter 2020): Two additional classrooms added to the east hallway just outside the EL classroom.
  • Phase III (summer 2021): A new entry for the cafeteria and Luick Auditorium. The entry area will include flexible learning spaces, practice rooms for music, and storage for music. The project will also include the remodeling of the band and vocal classrooms. The remodel will include a new entrance connected to the office with new, expanded space for a nurse’s station and adult restrooms.
  • Phase IV (summer 2022): A remodel of two classrooms to better serve special education with a calming room, a restroom, and a small apartment for the instructions of life skills.

Other aspects of the projects will include new bleachers on the football field, new bleachers in the gymnasium, and remodeling of the art room.

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